Is “just playing” enough for our young children?

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world many parents wonder if they should be doing more.  Recent research clearly indicates that future success depends heavily on an abundance of appropriate experiences during the critical early years.

Like most parents, you want to give your child every possible advantage from the start.  Fortunately, research also indicates that for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, “having fun” and “learning” are the same.   Through stimulating, productive activities your young child will build a firm foundation for their future achievements. 

Lessons in the early years should address the whole child.  Brite Stars Brite Futures activities and interactions with people and objects will make critical connections that will further every aspect of your child’s development: Physical, Social, Emotional and Intellectual.

Children between the ages of one and five are no longer content with mere imitation.  During this time children are fascinated by opportunities to use their expanding experiences and eventually start to benefit from direct instruction.  Simply notice, though, just how much fun they are having as they discover what their bodies can do!

Airborn Xtreme’s Brite Stars Brite Futures Program will provide the maximum amount of active, enjoyable education for every unique child of all abilities.

Brite Stars Brite Futures Preschool Program

Classes for Ages: 1 thru 2    and    2 thru 3 (Parent participation required at these ages)

Classes for Ages: 3 thru 4    and    4 thru 5