2015-2016 Schedule

  •  Recreational Practice Schedule Below

  • Team Practices Tuesday and Thursday 6:15 – 8:30pm.

  • Preschool Open Gym – Fridays 10:00am-12:00pm.  $10 Per Family.

  • School Age Open Gym – Fridays 6:00-8:30pm $10 for members, $15 for non members

  • Call to schedule private lessons or private group lessons (Skiiers, snowboarders, cheerleaders, homeschoolers, preschool children and their friends!)

  • Call to schedule “open gym” time for your ski, snowboard or cheer team!

  • Call to schedule a birthday party!

Class,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Monthly Tuition
“Little Twinklers Ages 2-3 Parent/Tot Class: 45min,9:30am,9:00am 5:00pm,””,10:30am,””,9:30am,$60
“Brite Stars Co-ed Ages 3-4: 45min”,10:30am ,11:00am,5:30pm,11:30am,””,10:30am,$60
“All Stars Co-ed Ages 4-5: 55min”,11:30am,10:00am 1:30pm,””,9:30am,””,11:30am,$72
“Rising Stars Beg 1 Co-ed Ages 5-7: 55min”,4:30pm,””,””,5:00pm,””,9:30am,$72
“Rising Stars Beg 1 Co-ed Ages 8+: 55min”,5:30pm,””,””,5:00pm,””,10:30am 3:30pm,$72
“Shooting Stars Beg 2 Co-ed Ages 5+: 55min”,””,””,4:30pm,””,””,11:15am,$72
“Intermediate Co-ed Ages 6+: 90min”,5:30PM,””,6:00pm,””,””,11:15am,$104
“Advanced Co-ed Ages 6+: 90min”,7:00pm,””,7:30pm,””,””,3:30pm,$104

“Sparks Spec Needs Class: 55min. “,””,””,””,””,4:30pm,””,

Team Program


Off -Season Ski/Snb Co-ed Class 120 min”,6:30pm,””,6:30pm

Competitive Team Program

“Jr. Team One 150 Min. Practice Per Week”,” Co-ed By Invitation”,6:00pm,””,6:00pm,””,1:00pm

“Intermediate Team Two 150 Min. Practices Per Week”,” Co-ed By Invitation Only”,6:00pm,””,6:00pm,””,1:00pm

“Advanced Team Three 150 Min. Practices Per Week”,” Co-ed By Invitation Only”,6:00pm,””,6:00pm,””,1:00pm
Preschool Open Gym,””,””,””,””,10:00am-12:00pm,$10/Family
School Age Open Gym,””,””,””,””,6:00-8:30pm,”$10/Members $15/Nonmembers”
“Junior Team”,By Invitation,6:00-8:30pm,””,6:00-8:30pm,””,1:00-3:30pm
“Intermediate Team”, By Invitation,6:00-8:30pm,””,6:00-8:30pm,””,1:00-3:30pm
“Advanced Team”, By Invitation,6:00-8:30pm,””,6:00-8:30pm,””,1:00-3:30pm